Who’s your daddy?

Quick one this morning…  who’s v whose

As if we weren’t confused enough about the difference between who’s and whose, Dr Seuss goes and writes this book!

This can be a bit confusing, because normally the apostrophe (‘) indicated possession – for example Ken’s violin, Mary’s trombone etc. However the rule doesn’t apply when it comes to the word whose which is the possessive form of who.

Example: Kevin is a musician whose violin is very beautiful.

Whose music do you prefer – Ken’s or Mary’s?

Who’s, on the other hand, is a contraction (or shortening) of ‘who is’

Example: Ken is a musician who’s very good at his craft

Who’s that playing trumpet beside Mary?

Like most contractions (don’t, won’t, can’t, etc.), who’s should only be used in an informal context or as part of a direct quote. For more formal writing, such as business correspondence or job applications, you should always use the correct form – who is.



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